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A quick overview on what The One Centre's working on right now

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Spend less. Make more.
Live on the Upside.


Upside is a new fixed fee real estate brand created by The One Centre to tap millennial demand for a simpler, lower-cost, tech-smart way to sell a home. Positioned as the way to ‘Live on the upside’, we created the product proposition of ‘no commissions, no compromises‘ with an all-inclusive, full service offer. Working with the start-up team, The One Centre created the total Upside customer experience, including product and service design, identity, online platform, marketing collateral and full launch campaign.

Brand Idea & identity

Most DIY and fixed fee real estate services had entered the market with cheap looking brands and negative attitudes, attacking traditional agents. Our strategy was to create an aspirational lifestyle brand with real street appeal and a positive attitude that spoke to millennial’s desire to get ahead, that is ‘Spend less, make more, and live on the upside.’ The One Centre created the Upside name and identity and brought it to life across all brand touchpoints.

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Play video

TVC & Explainer Video

The One Centre created Upside’s launch TVC campaign and explainer video. Our strategy was to focus on Upside’s high-touch service, simplicity, logic and all-inclusive deal, versus any behind the scenes technology and money-saving automation. There are no downsides to Upside.

Upside is the new way to sell your home, with one low all-inclusive fixed of $7,500 for a full service sale with no commissions and no compromises

Upside is the new way to sell your home, with one low all-inclusive fixed of $7,500 for a full service sale with no commissions and no compromises

Advertising & Collateral

The One Centre developed Upside’s launch media connections strategy and produced its full suite of digital display, outdoor, social and local area advertising, all designed to generate brand awareness + action.


As part of creating Upside’s total customer experience across all touchpoints, The One Centre developed Upside’s digital UX and UI vision and style guide for customer website, platform and sale dashboard.


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