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Furniture for Life.


Living Edge is Australia’s leading designer furniture retailer carrying a collection of the world’s most iconic and forward-looking luxury furniture brands. The One Centre was commissioned to create a brand campaign to bring to life Living Edge’s ‘Furniture for Life’ positioning and assert its role as the ‘lighthouse’ brand for consumers and interior design professionals.

Our idea ‘Living at the Edge’ features cutting-edge Australian designers showcasing projects created with Living Edge. The strategy uses designer testimonials in editorially-styled content to authenticate and demonstrate Living Edge’s power, influence and authority – a key driver for choice across both customer segments.

Campaign Identity

The One Centre works across all facets of the Living Edge brand. For the ‘Furniture for Life’ campaign we created a unique identity that graphically echoes the ‘Living at the Edge’ idea. Executions feature striking diagonal layers and ‘edge’ devices that allow us to link beautiful interior photography with the featured designer within a graphic ‘container’ that is distinctively ‘Living Edge’.

Each campaign features an articulation -through rotating headline ‘operator’- of the type of ‘Life’ being featured. This highlights the breadth and flexibility of Living Edge’s collection to support different lifestyles.

Photography & Art Direction

Each instalment in our series features a leading designer’s project. Working with the designer, The One Centre produces and art directs a shoot to create a library of high quality editorial-style assets used across all campaign executions – from advertising, to microsite, to custom publication, PR, social activation and media partnerships.

"Living Edge is more than a designer furniture retailer. It's a destination for iconic modern lifestyle design."

"Living Edge is more than a designer furniture retailer. It's a destination for iconic modern lifestyle design."

Integrated Campaign

Each instalment in The One Centre’s campaign series includes print, outdoor and digital advertising executions, short film, campaign microsite and custom publication editorial content, PR and media partnership content, social content and live event platform.

Film Series

A feature of each campaign in The One Centre’s series is an inspiring short film shot on location with the designer. It explores their project and relationship with Living Edge – providing insight into the creative process, products used, and the role Living Edge plays in realising their vision.


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