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The feeling of Everyday Joy


Milk & Co is an Australian natural skincare brand founded by Olympic swimmer Michael Klim. ‘Baby’ is the star performer in their portfolio, growing internationally since 2010 with its ‘simple and natural’ proposition and modern Australian lifestyle image.

To accelerate growth globally, The One Centre was commissioned to create a more contemporary and differentiated take on Milk & Co Baby’s original positioning and bring it to life with an all-new brand identity, pack design, merchandise collection and advertising and marketing platform.

Brand Idea & Identity

Our insights work identified a deep desire for new mums to retain their baby’s ‘natural state’ skin feel and scent – a feeling defined by the wonderful daily experience of skin-on-skin contact. Positioning Milk & Co Baby as ‘The feeling of everyday joy’ and highlighting its ‘soft, safe, sensitive and simple’ natural ingredients story, we created a brand idea and identity that feels friendly, gentle and fresh.

Brand Style Guide

The One Centre developed Milk & Co Baby’s full brand style guide, providing creative direction, design guidelines and assets for the all-new identity’s consistent expression, application and rollout across all brand touchpoints.

Packaging Design

A primary touchpoint and media vehicle for the brand is its range packaging. The One Centre strategised and designed the new Milk & Co Baby packaging to deliver clearer standout on-shelf, easier product naming architecture, punchier call-out of the natural ingredient story and reinforcement of the ‘Soft, safe, sensitive and minimally scented’ message. Everything is designed to be simple, friendly and communicate the product nurtures and nourishes the perfect natural state of baby’s skin.

Advertising & Marketing Platform

A key part of our brand evolution was to give Milk & Co Baby a clear, emotive and consumer-resonating advertising and marketing platform and positioning ‘story’ that could work universally across countries and cultures. Our core idea was to capture and celebrate the powerful moment of intimacy and visceral joy between mother and baby at bath time, when skin-on-skin contact defines their desire to nurture and protect the perfect ‘natural state’ of their baby’s being.


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