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It's worth it to werk it


Cashwerkz is a new one-stop term deposit marketplace created by The One Centre targeting the half-a-trillion-dollar TD investment market. The platform enables TD investors to search the best rates on offer from the banks, direct invest and scan and effortlessly switch at rollover. The One Centre created the Cashwerkz consumer positioning and product platform, brand identity, website and customer app, and integrated marketing campaign for launch.

Brand Identity

High-value TD investors skew 50 yrs+ and hold multiple deposits. Managing a TD portfolio to generate higher yields is a laborious business, banks requiring fresh applications each time. Cashwerkz was first designed for professionals, enabling them to actively manage multiple investments and easily switch products to generate better returns. We took this truth and turned it into our consumer proposition, “Werk your cash like a pro” and created a fresh, bold yet reassuring ID that connected the brand name with its benefit – Werk it!

To animate our positioning we created a band of sassy Cashwerkz characters who pursue their passions because they ‘Werk it’.

To animate our positioning we created a band of sassy Cashwerkz characters who pursue their passions because they ‘Werk it’.

Play video

Play video


The One Centre developed the media connections strategy for Cashwerkz at launch, which includes a targeted TVC and pre-roll video campaign to run in key finance media. We chose ‘Penelope’ as our lead character, and showed how this sassy alpha female enjoys winning at fencing, as well as investing.

Website & App

Cashwerkz is a new online brand, meaning its website and platform design and experience is all-important for establishing credibility and signing-up members. Working with Cashwerkz’ tech team, The One Centre designed the integrated UX and UI for the Cashwerkz website and member app, creating a seamless customer experience from advertising to application.

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The One Centre’s media connections strategy for Cashwerkz’ launch included a mix of awareness generating press ads in key finance media, action-generating digital display campaign, social ads and organic educational content on key social channels. We also created a targeted radio campaign with companion live reads by high-profile finance gurus.


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