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For skin that can do anything.


KLIM is a new mens ‘skin fitness’ brand created by The One Centre for Olympic swimmer, Michael Klim and Milk & Co. Positioned as ‘performance skincare for naturally active males’, we developed the KLIM 360 Skin Fitness system and brand platform ‘For skin that can do anything.’ Working end-to-end from strategy to launch, The One Centre created the KLIM identity, pack design, advertising campaign, entertainment platform, digital strategy and rich social media content.

Brand Idea & Identity

Our research showed a gap in the market for a functional, masculine, performance-based skincare brand that elevated the role of ‘skin’ in supporting an active, outdoor lifestyle. We created the concept of ‘skin fitness’ and celebrated amazing skin in enabling you to ‘do anything’. Our striking and bold identity features an iconic blue chevron symbolising positivity, advancement and ‘anything’ attitude. Our ‘sportif’ visual language and photographic style celebrates incredible, athletic skin in action.

Michael Klim’s not just an elite athlete but man of many talents. He understands how important it is to be equipped with skin that can do anything.

Michael Klim’s not just an elite athlete but man of many talents. He understands how important it is to be equipped with skin that can do anything.


The One Centre designed the KLIM range packaging, systemising each product as part of the KLIM 360 Skin Fitness system – a simple daily regime preparing your skin for anything.

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The One Centre created the launch advertising campaign for KLIM skincare and fragrance. The campaign launched during the Olympic Games in Rio and featured TV commercials and pre-rolls, print, outdoor and digital.

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Since retiring from elite swimming, Michael Klim has built a successful career as an entrepreneur, adventure sportsman, media identity and ambassador for performance lifestyle brands, like Mercedes Benz. To bring to life ‘For skin that can do anything’ and capitalise on MK’s media profile and following, we created ‘Diving In’, a reality TV series that features Michael taking on a variety of challenges in different arenas of life, from training with the SAS, to racing AMGs, to swimming with Great Whites.

PR & Social Content

Michael Klim and Milk & Co have a substantial social reach with the potential for sharable content to generate huge organic awareness for new products, and direct online sales. Global news and lifestyle publishers are also hungry for quality imagery, especially on celebrity sportspeople. Using fashion photographers and videographers, The One Centre created a library of high quality content on KLIM for use on social channels and PR.

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