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Welcome to
New Authentic Living


Marrick & Co is a new community lifestyle project by Mirvac set in the heart of Marrickville, Sydney’s most authentic multicultural suburb. Positioned as ‘New Authentic Living’, The One Centre created the Marrick & Co brand and marketing strategy targeting Inner West lifestyle lovers. Celebrating the eclectic culture and cool of Marrickville, the program included unique lifestyle brochures, collateral, advertising and PR, high-street sales and culture centre, video series, experiential platform and social content marketing.

Brand Idea & Identity

Marrick & Co offers ‘a new way to live in a place you love’ – progressive One Planet Living designed apartments and townhomes set in a new community lifestyle hub in the heart of Marrickville. We created the name Marrick & Co to celebrate this idea of centrality and community. Modern, sophisticated yet playful and artistic, the identity reflects the character and cool of ‘The Ville’ and speaks of the rich, authentic, multicultural lifestyle at your doorstep.


Every lifestyle development is defined by its brochure. The One Centre created a unique and crafted lifestyle-defining brochure for Marrick & Co celebrating the culture of Marrickville and providing a vision for the progressive new lifestyle it enables, inside and out.

Inspired by ‘New Authentic Living’ we celebrated the eclectic colour and culture of Marrickville’s urban playground on Marrick & Co’s doorstep

Inspired by ‘New Authentic Living’ we celebrated the eclectic colour and culture of Marrickville’s urban playground on Marrick & Co’s doorstep

Advertising & Collateral

The One Centre created all advertising and lifestyle marketing collateral for Marrick & Co. This includes print and digital advertising and outdoor, site hoardings and signage, architecture and interiors catalogues and a range of unique local producer sample bags and product ‘taster’ packagings.

Website & Social Content Marketing

The One Centre created all digital brochureware for Marrick & Co and integrated within the project website a an ongoing social content marketing platform – Made in Marrickville – that showcases sharable lifestyle news and reviews from the suburb and provides updates on the development.

Experiential Platform

A feature of the campaign is The One Centre’s ‘Made in Marrickville’ experiential platform which provides a DIY guide to experiencing ‘a taste of Marrickville’ including vouchers for local producers – from craft beer, to gelato, to vietnamese pork rolls and Roastville coffee.

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Video Series

Supporting the ‘Made in Marrickville’ social and experiential marketing platforms is The One Centre’s ‘Meet the Makers’ docu-style video series offering an entertaining exposé of the colourful characters and craft in Marrickville’s vibrant fashion, arts, music and artisanal food scene.

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Play video

Sales & Culture Centre

At the heart of the campaign is The One Centre designed Marrick & Co sales centre. Located on Marrickville’s high street, it acts as a key contact point and celebration of culture and lifestyle, showcasing local artists and producers in an architectural experience that epitomises ‘New Authentic Living’.



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