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Fly Murcielago


Murcielago is a superyacht capable of speeds of 50 knots. Its owner wanted to create a charter business targeting wealthy travelers for private cruising on the Med, Caribbean and Pacific. The One Centre positioned and branded Murcielago to appeal to this luxury market and turn her power, range and speed into a unique benefit. Our strategy was to create a content marketing platform that demonstrates Murcielago’s adventure-potential in a week.

Brand Idea & Identity

The people who charter Murcielago live at a different speed to others. They change countries like they’re popping next door. Their range and appetite for the globe is without equal. They are the jet set, because that’s how they travel. We positioned Murcielago as the ‘private Lear jet of the sea’, giving power and mobility to maximise their only limited resource – time. Our identity combined the concepts of speed, aviation and nautical technology with sophistication.

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Film Series

To bring to life Murcielago’s positioning, ‘private Lear jet of the sea’, The One Centre created a travel adventure series called ‘Fly Murcielago’. Each film tracks one action-packed week aboard Murcielago, documenting and demonstrating all the incredible places you can experience thanks to its unique capabilities.

100 feet of extravagance; the Murcielago is your private Lear jet of the sea. Experience more in your precious time off that you ever thought possible.

100 feet of extravagance; the Murcielago is your private Lear jet of the sea. Experience more in your precious time off that you ever thought possible.


The Murcielago website operates as the brand’s primary information, engagement and booking tool. Designed by The One Centre, it contains the Fly Murcielago film series, gallery and details on the boat’s accommodation, toys and technical capabilities. It features an interactive map experience that enables users to explore film series adventures in ‘captain’s log’ style detail.

Merchandise & Collateral

Supporting the pre-cruise and onboard experience, The One Centre designed a range of branded merchandise and collateral for Murcielago. This includes digital brochure, printed personalised cruise plan, dining menu and wine list. Guests are welcomed with wind jackets, caps, kimonos and slippers.


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