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Make History


8 Carrara Rd, Vaucluse is the most expensive home ever built on Sydney Harbour. On the market for $65 Million, the Peter Stutchbury designed icon sets new benchmarks in breathtaking architecture, natural beauty and environmental sustainability. In a unique project, The One Centre was commissioned to position, brand and market 8 Carrara targeting an elite international audience seeking to own a trophy home on arguably Sydney’s greatest harbourfront location.

Brand Idea & Identity

In the world of ultra prestige property, a home’s value is influenced by the pedigree of its previous owners. 8 Carrara was brand new. Our strategy was to use its ‘alpha’ value to our advantage and position the property as an opportunity to ‘Make History’ and be the very first to own it. 8 Carrara’s architectural purity led us to create a minimalist identity. We did not create a ‘name’ – it was simply 8 Carrara Rd. Focussed on its iconic location, the ID overlays a vision for the elegant, relaxed and contemporary lifestyle on offer.

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8 Carrara presented its new owner a rare opportunity to be the first to experience it. The One Centre’s film showcases the property’s iconic location, architecture and lifestyle by revealing a series of ‘never before’ experiences. From waking up in its master bedroom, to diving into its pool, to celebrating New Year’s Eve fireworks from its decks.

Never before has Sydney Harbour seen such breathtaking architecture, natural beauty and environmental sustainability. Never again will you have the chance to own it.

Never before has Sydney Harbour seen such breathtaking architecture, natural beauty and environmental sustainability. Never again will you have the chance to own it.


The One Centre created 8 Carrara’s site for a global audience and PR generation. Simple, word light, visually rich, it provides international buyers and media an inspiring editorial-style overview on the home and location, with photo gallery, cinematic video and CTA to contact the agent to be ‘one of the first to view’.


Delivered to 3,000 ultra high net worth people around the world, The One Centre’s simple, gatefold teaser invites you to ‘Make History’ and contact the agent for one of the first private viewings of 8 Carrara Rd. Scented with cedarwood oil, it reveals an iconic dining scene overlooking Sydney Harbour, with words ‘Never feasted on before’.

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Integrating the ‘Never before’ theme into advertising, The One Centre created a print and pre-roll video campaign for 8 Carrara Rd running in targeted local and international property and lifestyle media.

Gift sculpture

An experience of 8 Carrara is multi-sensory. The architecture, natural materials, aspect, light, glass, connectivity to harbour. To keep buyers in the moment and opportunity top of mind, The One Centre created a unique sculpture and take home gift capturing the essence of the home. Individually named and numbered, each reinforces the rarity of the opportunity at hand.

PR & Content Marketing

Such a unique property in such a desirable destination with such a price tag readily sparks news and social interest. The One Centre’s content driven strategy for 8 Carrara enabled us to produce quality marketing materials and bank of rich assets for use by local and international media to engage ultra high net worth people everywhere. Our video, photography and editorial brief has featured in leading news and lifestyle publications across Asia Pac, Europe and North America – from AFR to Forbes to The Wall Street Journal.


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