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Werk it.



Brand Launch Campaign


Cashwerkz is a new one-stop term deposit marketplace enabling investors to search, invest and switch in one place. We were engaged to create the Cashwerkz brand positioning and identity, design the online platform and develop a fully integrated campaign to launch the new service across TV, print, radio, digital, social and content with media partnership and sponsorship properties.

The new one-stop term deposit marketplace to maximise your cash.

Cashwerkz was originally designed for finance professionals - the guys that make all the money! We liked the idea of taking this truth and turning it into a consumer cause: The idea Cashwerkz enables you to work your cash like the pros. Far from 'retiring', our 50+ target audience saw themselves as entering a new career, maximising their cash for lifestyle. We positioned Cashwerkz as empowering them to do this, with clever tools to search, invest and switch in one place. Cashwerkz enables you to 'werk it like a pro'.

'Cashwerkz. Where the smart money puts their cash to work.'
Brand Identity and Idea

The brand identity and brand idea plays on the ‘werk’ component of the Cashwerkz name. We wanted to use the unique spelling to our advantage and create an ownable way to increase recognition and call people to action. Ie. Werk it.”  We also wanted this new player to feel fresh, simple yet solid.


Our creative features a series of characters werking it. Our lead character is Penelope. She likes to fence. And make money (so she can pursue her passion for parry).

'This is Penelope. Penelope enjoys fencing. She also enjoys investing...'
Radio Advertisments