When was the last time you were asked your opinion on an important subject, like your country's future? This unique transmedia project created by The One Centre for GE, the world’s biggest industrial company, asks Australians to share in two words what they feel is the single biggest challenge facing the nation’s future. Highlighting what matters to everyday people, it’s designed to provide GE a natural footing to talk about how it’s helping solve the world’s toughest problems in energy, healthcare, transportation, water and finance. People submit their Two Words through a website, Facebook app or banners and widgets on popular news sites. Submissions are live reported and categorised into Top 10 themes, people able to cut and dice results by demographics. A feature of the project is a unique polling installation, the Two Words Waterfall that tours capital cities serving as a public touchpoint as well as cutting-edge digital artwork showing Australia’s live ‘stream of consciousness’. GE aims to use findings to shape its long-term business plans, innovation agenda and partnerships in Australia.