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Two Words for Tomorrow



Transmedia Brand Campaign

Silver Australiasan Branded Entertainment ABEA - Best Transmedia GE Global Digital Excellence Award

When was the last time you were asked your opinion on an important subject, like Australia's future?  This unique, award-winning 'transmedia' project created by The One Centre asks Australians to share in two words what they feel is the single biggest challenge facing the nation’s future. Highlighting what matters to everyday people, it was designed to provide GE with a natural footing to talk about how it is helping solve some of our - and the world’s - toughest challenges in energy, healthcare, transportation, water and finance.

"In two words simply describe what you feel is the single biggest challenge facing Australia's future. Choose wisely."

GE works on what matters. As the world's biggest industrial company it is involved in literally Moving, Powering, Curing and Building the world. Yet few Australians are aware of the scale, depth and breadth of GE's technology, or its impact. Our strategy was simple. Engage Australians in a conversation about what matters to them and through this process enable them to discover all that GE's involved with. By sharing results live we could raise a debate with business and government leaders about priorities at a pivotal moment in history. Importantly we wanted to show GE's interest was coming from a place deeply rooted in its culture of relevance and responsibility, founder Thomas Edison stating, "I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and invent it."

"I find out what the world needs. Then I go ahead and invent it." Thomas Edison.

People submitted their Two Words at the campaign website, mobile site, Facebook app or via interactive banners and widgets running on popular news sites. Submissions were live reported and categorised into Top 10 themes. People could explore results using demographic filters and publish customised infographics which could be shared out using social share functions. Towards the end of the campaign average time on site was 15 minutes.


The project was promoted using paid, earned and owned media. At launch a pre-roll video was run on popular news sites along with companion polling banner ads and widgets. As submissions grew, results were shared on social media generating viral interest. Vox pops were shot at polling installations and shared on the campaign site and social media. A polling app was created for Facebook enabling users to send polling invitations to friends. Polling widgets were distributed across GE, partner and paid sites. Street posters and postcards were distributed around polling installations across Australia, including VIVID Sydney.


A feature of the project was a unique interactive polling installation, the ‘Two Words Waterfall’. Visitors entered their two words at kiosks surrounding two LED towers and watched their words display and transform into a stream of color and light. The installation toured Australia’s capital cities, serving as both a public touchpoint for the campaign as well as cutting-edge generative digital artwork symbolising Australia’s live ‘stream of consciousness’ and GE's technological creativity.

A cutting-edge generative digital artwork symbolising Australia’s live ‘stream of consciousness’.

The campaign finalé involved the official release of results, summarised in a simple, publishable infographic. This was sent to media and distributed on campaign platforms. Results from the project received widespread coverage, including articles in The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian. As a crowning initiative, GE convened a panel discussion on the project at the AIESEC young leaders ‘INITIATE The Future' forum, hosted at the University of Technology, Sydney. Leading academics, business people and AIESEC members discussed results, particularly from young Australia.

"The insights we've learnt will help us build a better Australia for everyone."
Steve Sargent, President & CEO, GE