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Audi TT Movement & Art Prize



Brand Experience


Audi first launched the TT in 1997 to international acclaim, the sporty 2+2 becoming an instant design icon. A decade on, The One Centre was engaged to position and launch the new Audi TT, this next generation designed to compete with more serious sports cars like the BMW Z3 and Porsche Boxter, to increase potential. Our research identified a sizeable market segment -style strivers- who valued iconic design and athletic performance. Notoriously difficult to target with traditional media, we created a unique branded entertainment platform and arts initiative, the TT Movement, to bring the new TT’s performance proposition of 'Iconic + Athletic' to life and attract new buyers to the marque.

The new Audi TT:  Iconic + Athletic

Our research indicated that ‘Style strivers’ were both performance orientated but style and design aware, attracted to brands that offered exciting technology and cultural caché. Most importantly Style Strivers, valued ‘experience’ above ‘messaging’ and were highly receptive to initiatives that offered a combination of entertainment, social connection and cultural exchange. Positioning the new TT as ‘Iconic + Athletic’ and creating a ‘metrotainment’ platform to creatively express and connect with old and new customers become the perfect vehicle for launch.

Idea & Identity

The TT Movement was a ‘performance art’ movement featuring some of the world's hottest emerging artists tasked with expressing 'Iconic + Athletic' in their chosen medium. In parallel we created the Audi Art Prize, inviting unknown local artists to create their own interpretation using the same brief. Running for 6 months and culminating in an exhibition event at the Museum of Contemporary Art, the TT Movement drew millions of followers online and thousands to the exhibition. Covered widely in culture and lifestyle media, the platform helped Audi secure hundreds of test drives and record sales.

The TT Movement drew millions of followers online and thousands to the exhibition.

The TT Movement was launched using digital media as an awareness generator and campaign hub. The release of a viral digital artwork, the TT ‘wind tunnel’ made with media arts studio Universal Everything created immediate global interest in the project and pointed followers to the campaign microsite. The site contained details on the project and rich content on the new Audi TT.

The TT 'wind tunnel' digital artwork went viral, appearing in design and technology blogs globally.

Potential customers could register interest to attend the TT Movement event, where they were pre-qualified before receiving an EDM invitation. The site contained the call for entries for the Audi Art Prize, brief to artists and bios on the judges. It also featured an exposé of name artists whose ‘performance art’ would show at the exhibition event, including Takagi Masakatsu, Buff Diss, Sameer Sengupta, Eness and Sydney Dance Company.

Art Prize

Our call for entries invited artists to submit a work in their chosen media that expressed the new Audi TT positioning 'Iconic + Athletic'. Works were judged by an eclectic planel of international artists and critics, the winner receiving a $20,000 grant, Audi Ambassadorship and a new TT to drive for a year. Over 100 entries were received including paintings, sculptures, illustrations, performance pieces and video art. Finalists were exibited at the TT Movement exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art. The winner, Sydney based artist and filmmaker, Lydie Petite, created an 88-second film entitled, 'Exhale'.

Event and Exhibition

800 people attended the TT Movement opening event at Sydney's MCA. Guests included qualified prospects, owners, dealers, Audi Ambassadors and a raft of A-List celebrities and sportspeople. Guests were treated to TT inspired canapés and cocktails by renown Sydney chef, Tony Bilson and mixologist, Yakusan. A series of performance art pieces peluded the showing of the new Audi TT and announcement of the Art Prize winner. More than 500,000 dollars of media coverage was generated in culture and lifestyle publications, 100 test drives secured and 285 requests for follow-up information made.

100 test drives were secured and 285 requests for follow-up info made.

The One Centre created 5 individual pieces of branded content for the TT Movement project, including TT History film, new Audi TT hype film, the TT 'wind tunnel' viral digital artwork, Art Prize finalist showcase, and program showreel for media. Photography of the artworks, Art Prize judges, performance artists and exhibition guests was distributed and shared on social media. The One Centre later licensed the TT 'wind tunnel' digital artwork to Audi for use in Europe, Asia and North America.


A number of creative elements and assets from the TT Movement were used during and after the campaign as unique Audi experiences. This included campaign content and digital artworks, installations and Art Prize pieces. The Audi Art Prize concept has been adopted by Audi in other markets, and the TT Movement concept became a best practice example of Audi 'metrotainment' globally.

The TT Movement became a best practice example of Audi 'metrotainment' globally.