The most expensive apartments sold off the plan in Sydney, Ten Wylde Street set new benchmarks in commercial, architectural and cultural appeal. Inspired by architect Tzannes Associates waveform design, we created an iconic brand identity that expressed the unique character of the location, with its stunning views over Sydney Harbour and connectivity to the cultural edge of Potts Point. Everything about Ten Wylde Street conveyed quality, sophistication and excitement. Its suite of premium marketing materials felt more like fashion and design publications than sales tools. Enormous attention to detail was placed in how we 3D rendered and animated the building and shot location photography to capture the building's changing character day and night, all to embue the development with a sense of presence, personality and prestige. The conceptual engagement achieved through the positioning and presentation of Ten Wylde Street delivered a price record for Sydney and a new standard in boutique project marketing, perhaps never to be exceeded in our lifetimes.