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Child Sponsorship Platform & Campaign


Compassion is a child sponsorship organisation that helps release children from poverty in Asia, Africa and South America. C3 is a global movement of Christian churches with a focus on helping people in need locally and beyond. We were asked to create a unique partnership strategy between the two organisations that would see C3 members of all ages join together to help release 10,000 kids from poverty by 2020. Our role included the architecting of the partnership platform and its positioning, branding and communication to hundreds of C3 churches across Australia. The platform is now going global with potential to empower tens of thousands of children with a better future.

Sponsoring a child through C3 Compassion helps release them from all forms of poverty and grows our family beyond.

Compassion was drawn to C3 as a partner because it is a dynamic movement with global focus. For C3, Compassion offered its motivated member base a way to practically help people in need, a calling of their faith. However the platform's real potential lay in not just activating adults to sponsor but position sponsorship as something every generation can do 'to build our family beyond'. Our whole program was designed to appeal to every C3 member - children, teens, young adults, parents and grandparents - to get involved as part of the Church's 2020 Vision and help release 10,000 children from poverty. Further, it asked them to see sponsorship not just as an act of charity but a statement of family and unity in Christ.


Our platform launch campaign features a two-minute film 'Family' shot in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Africa. It tracks the personal relationship between C3 sponsors from different generations and their Compassion sponsees and calls members to build the family. While the film highlights the differences in our situations, it also communicates the power of connection and the hope and humility it creates. Compassion sponsors send and receive regular letters from their children, the details of which create deep bonds.


The One Centre created C3's global brand identity in 2008. The C3 + Compassion partnership platform identity simply placed the logos of both organisations side by side on equal footing and united them with the line 'Building our family beyond'. Green was selected as the primary colour as it was C3's designated 'missions' colour and signified growth, outreach and health.


C3 Churches meet every weekend for multiple services. The primary touchpoint for communicating the new program are the services themselves, with opportunities for large screen display, seat brochures, café cards and posters. We created a suite of screen, print and poster materials to promote the program and provide members with takeaways they can study and take action with.


For each participating C3 Church we created a unique 'Family Tree' installation. As well as permanently promoting the program, it enables local pastors to show growth in sponsorships from their church. When a child is sponsored their photo, name and sponsor's name join the tree. Each church is given a target as part of the 2020 goal and vision. Churches also run regular Sponsee letter writing and reading nights to share experiences and build community and commitment around the initiative and personal connection. Children who receive regular letters tend to thrive more.

Digital Installation

In development is an interactive version of the 'Family Tree' installation. The digital 'Family Tree' is a generative artwork churches can flexibly display at services or have on permanent live exhibit. Like the physical installation, the digital tree updates and grows as new children are sponsored. Users can zoom into the tree to find their child. Users can also view the tree at a local, regional, national and global level and see live stats on sponsorship performance against targets. It's accessable online as a responsive website for desktop and mobile. Users can share out the tree to friends via social media functionality.