Building on the success of Return of the Prince, we took Drambuie to a wider audience with Made for a Prince, not a Bogan. The platform launched with a viral film, masquerading as leaked Drambuie research, showing Aussie blokes sampling the mixer and widely panning it. Supported with print ads in men’s magazines, a microsite and on-premise promotion, it allowed us to reconnect with and recruit new Clan members, culminating in an exclusive, members-only event, The Drambuie Penthouse Party. (No Bogans attended. Security was abundant.) The viral film become an overnight sensation with online news and social media, becoming the number one story on Australia’s biggest news portal and driving thousands of people to the microsite and Clan registration. An example of positioning via parody, the project remains to this day an enigma and continues to engage and entertainment people online with its braveness.