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Woolworths Everyday Rewards



Positioning & Integrated Branding


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The average Australian consumer buys groceries several times a week. As stimulating as food is, the process of shopping day in and day out can be a drag. It's also one of the most hotly contested markets, with customer loyalty, averaged over hundreds of little shops a year, potentially delivering billions in incremental revenue. In developing the brand strategy for Everyday Rewards, we wanted to simply remind people there's something special to be gained in the every day at Woolworths. A little reward to pocket, and a cheerful attitude to enjoy. Simple, fresh and joyful. Just shop here to, 'Make the most of everyday'.

Shop here to 'Make the most of everyday'

Shopping centres are one of the most visually stimulating environments on earth. Enter the world of Woolworths and you are inside a technicolour universe of brands. In creating the Everyday Rewards identity we wanted to do three things: Own a fresh, vibrant colour - orange, own a visual idea that spoke of delight in the little things (the beauty of everyday nature) and execute it all with a freshness, simplicity and singularity so it cut through.

We wanted to own a fresh, vibrant colour, a visual idea that gave delight, and an executional singularity that cut through.
Launch Campaign

The launch marketing campaign for Everyday Rewards concentrated on generating awareness for the program in-store and through Woolworths' direct communication channels. It all invited customers to take pick up a card and register online to activate it. Our launch pilot in the central west beat registration 'stretch' targets by 20%. With the brand and marketing model in place, we handed the program over to Woolworths’ retail agency for national rollout. Everyday Rewards is now Australia’s biggest retail loyalty program. The brand is simple, refreshing, uplifting and distinctive, with a ‘feel good’ that comes from its love of the little things.

Our pilot launch in the Central West beat registration stretch targets by 20%
Everyday Money

Running parallel to the creation of Everyday Rewards was the development of Everyday Money, Woolworths' new financial services brand. Launching with a credit card, Everyday Money was Woolworths' spearhead into the lucrative retail banking and insurance market with a 'refreshingly simple' proposition. Architected as part of our 'Everyday' masterbrand, Everyday Money adopted the same ‘simple, fresh, real’ values of Everyday Rewards but with expanded colours to support product variety. Using micro images of beautiful, fresh fruit, it communicated Everyday Money’s product simplicity and integrity, and subtly supported Woolworths' grocery brand's proposition, 'The Fresh Food People'.

Everyday Money was Woolworths spearhead into the lucrative retail banking market with a 'refreshingly simple' proposition

Woolworths has 200,000 employees and 20,000 suppliers across Australia. The launch of Everyday Money and Everyday Rewards had a natural place to start at Woolworths annual conference and retail showcase. For this event we created a unique brand activation and experience, The Fresh Force. Featuring famous Australian comedians, we created live entertainment at the event to educate and inspired people on the new loyalty and credit card propositions. Backed up with installations around the venue serving refreshing fruit shakes, delegates could engage with the Force and sign-up for cards on the spot.