Despite being the world’s largest industrial company and technology leader in clean energy, healthcare, transportation and water, GE’s profile in Australia was linked largely to finance. With a rich history in life-changing innovation, its founder Thomas Edison inventing the first practical lightbulb, we worked with GE to strategise ways it could bring its contemporary product stories to life and showcase how it’s helping solve some of the world’s – and Australia’s - toughest challenges. With such amazing stories to tell, like helping save the Great Barrier Reef from wastewater pollution, more accurately detect breast cancer, transform our ‘dumb’ power grid into a digitised 'smart grid' and bring pocket-size ultrasound to remote communities, we created Imagination at Work TV, a multi-channel branded content platform delivered through an innovative online portal. Stories are told documentary-style and feature experts capturing the gravity of issues faced and imagination of solutions delivered. Over half a million people have visited the portal watching over 10,000 hours of content. The platform has helped GE broaden its profile in Australia and deepen its engagement with audiences. In 2012 was voted GE’s best global digital platform.