In 1928 Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker founded his real estate business, which over the next 50 years grew to become Australia’s largest network and most trusted brand. In the 1980’s ‘LJ’, as he was affectionately known, sold the business and for the next 30 years the brand lacked the visionary drive of the past. Enter Sir Leslie’s grandson, L. Janusz Hooker, an Olympian and successful businessman in his own right with a dream to buy back the master franchise and restore the brand to its leadership position. Engaged to help drive this regeneration we refreshed its once iconic identity and injected a more contemporary and multi-generational lifestyle feel into its myriad of marketing communications tools and touchpoints, including agent fashion. Reviewing its positioning and rethinking the role of the ‘real estate office’ in an online world, we created an evolutionary store platform, the Lighthouse designed to attract people with an experience vs. admin function, offering unique content and technology providing rich, local market intel to assist buyers, sellers and renters from all walks to, ‘find their way home.’