Setting the pace in contemporary restaurant design, McDonald's while modernising was losing some of its magic. The Store of the Future project was designed to rethink and revision every aspect of the restaurant experience and add distinctiveness, relevance and entertainment - transforming what had become a highly streamlined convenience back into an exciting destination. Featuring a uniquely McDonald’s and theatrically retro architectural language, we created distinct zones for different customer needs and occasions, from Playlands where kids get to play with their food, to 'starry night' skylights, to an intimate and moody McCafé for conversations between friends. The project looked at every touchpoint in the environment and integrated new technologies to transform the store experience at different times of the day, communicating McDonald’s was alive and ready to engage 24hrs a day. Codenamed F1 for its high performance design and modular innovations, the store is now piloting in Doveton, Victoria almost identical to concept.