Airports are a battleground for premium brands. Amex’s problem was their old direct sales model – a sales person wielding a clipboard – wasn’t cutting it anymore. Only 1 in 80 people were stopping. Worse still they were seen as a blight on the brand. Our strategy: Move from ‘abduction’ to ‘seduction’. That is, increase the number of people stopping by making it more attractive for shopping, in this case for a credit or charge card. The idea, the American Express Charge Bar, an experiential retail concept, purpose-fit for intercity travelers safely ensconced in the terminal to refresh, recharge mobiles and discover something about themselves - and ideal Amex card - via a fun and intriguing Ink Blot personality test. Working with Amex’s global direct sales team we piloted and rolled out an optimized version of the concept helping double engagement rates and massively improve the quality and commercial value of relationships secured.