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Audi Brand Terminal



Brand Experience

Why can’t a showroom come to the people? That's the question The One Centre asked in creating the Audi ‘Brand Terminal’, the world’s first mobile showroom concept. Targeting Audi’s highly mobile, time poor premium customer, it's capable of transporting and displaying any Audi, at any hotspot, anywhere in the world. Integrated with the latest digital technologies, surround sound stereo and large-format LED displays, it is a brand theatre, content distributor and lead generator in one.

Why can’t a showroom come to the people?

There is nothing quite like seeing a performance car in the flesh. It's a visceral experience. And one that can lead to an emotional connection hard to break. Yet for Audi's premium customer, visiting a showroom has become a luxury. To maximise their only limited resource – time, we challenged convention and asked, why can't a showroom come to the people? Not a stand, but a concept in of itself an experience, testimony to Audi's design and technology supremacy. And so the Brand Terminal was born. A mobile showroom capable of shipping and showcasing any Audi, at any destination on earth. What's more, digitally enabled to engage, entertain and interact with customers, to be both brand experience and business generator.

Devised to maximise the premium customer's only limited resource – time.

Conceptualised, designed and produced by The One Centre, the Audi Brand Terminal is a fusion of custom laser-cut and folded steelwork, pillarless glass and advanced LED lighting technology with Xenia light-diffusing membranes and colour enhancing RGB sensors. It showcases Audi brand and product design values dramatically, combining the new ‘Terminal’ showroom architecture with ‘shipping container’ functionality, and elevating it to a modern, mobile brand experience.

A fusion of custom laser-cut and folded steelwork, pillarless glass and advanced LED lighting technology.

The Brand Terminal is designed to fit on the back of a flat bed truck. It can be lifted into position using a small crane. Lugs on the roof also enable it to be helicopter lifted into any location. Vehicles can be preloaded, or rolled in onsite via a giant hinged door. Waterproof and weather proof, the unit uses climate control air conditioning to maintain the perfect ambient temperature and humidity for vehicle presentation and ambassador habitation, as well as mist-free and frost-free viewing through its expanses of glass.

Lugs on the roof enable it to be helicoptered into any location.