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Asia's World Beer


Tiger Beer

Positioning & Integrated Branding

Asia’s biggest beer was under attack from premium Western brands. Our strategy: fuel Asian pride by elevating and celebrating the eclectic colour, culture and cool of contemporary World Asia in everything Tiger does, positioning Tiger as Asia's World Beer. Code named Project Senso, we created a unique brand story and distinctive multisensory identity and expressed it creatively through every touchpoint, from concept bars to bottle design, soundtracks and global brand experience platforms, to art installations, fashion and merchandise.

Tiger Beer. Elevating and celebrating the eclectic colour, culture and cool of contemporary World Asia.

Despite being Asia's biggest packaged beer brand, sold in 100 markets worldwide, Singapore's Tiger Beer lacked sophistication and dimension in its brand experience. As a result, premium European and Japanese brands were taking share, especially in its core markets. Our strategy was to 'fuel Asian pride' and position Tiger assertively as Asia's World Beer, representing a new, contemporary world Asia, that fused the best of the East with the best of the West to create something bigger; a distinctively new and powerful 'World Asia' identity, with a strong sense of heritage but alive with possibilities.

Our strategy: fuel Asian pride, positioning Tiger assertively as Asia's World Beer.

There were three things we wanted to achieve with a refreshed Tiger identity. First, bring greater refinement and regality to its core namemark. Second, extract a unique property that could translate to a form language and symbolise dynamic progression and strength. Third, add dimension and tonal range to its visual language and colour palette (blue and gold), to express the vibrancy and electic colour and icononography of Asia. From this, the Tiger logo was sharpened, Tiger 'Leap' born, and distinctive 'contemporary World Asia' visual language and atmosphere created.

The Tiger 'Leap' symbolises dynamic progression and strength.
Product Design

The most powerful touchpoint to communicate change and add experience was Tigers bottle design, primary packaging and suite of bar merchandise, including ice buckets, trays, jugs and glassware and bottle opener. These elements were literally in millions of people's hands and eyeline daily. We took the new identity principles and expressed them into the form language, colour, materials and finishes and storytelling on Tiger products, creating a brand identity that people could touch, see, read and 'feel'.


Our brand advertising campaign idea focussed on capturing iconic night scenes from the world's great cities and 'Tigerfying' them with the words, 'Our World. Asia's World Beer.' We wanted Tiger to own the night, a time of excitement and possibilities, where colour comes out. We also wanted to communicate Tiger's reach and preeminence. The idea that Tiger - and Asia - was playing on the world stage. That Tiger drinkers are citizens of the world. Likewise, our sponsorship strategy was to align with contemporary world Asians - artists, sportspeople and entertainers who compete globally, yet retain a distinctive Asian style and heritage, like film director Wong Kar-Wai.

'This is our World. This is Asia's World Beer.'

The project involved the creation of multiple forms of branded content, from graphic motif and artwork, to film and video content, to 'Leap' animations for TV advertising through to an original Tiger soundtrack for use at brand events and experiences (it was even made into a ring tone). The soundtrack featured Asian artists using traditional Eastern instruments played with Western phrasing.


One of the biggest opportunities, especially in Asia, was for Tiger to create and install innovative and experiential 'modular' bar concepts and environments in popular venues serving Tiger. Our concepts integrated key Tiger properties into furniture, fixtures, fittings and lighting design, like the translucent blue bar with Tiger Leap, and World Asia artwork and graphic motif. We even created the penultimate two story Tiger concept bar for Shanghai and Tiger Experience Centre in Singapore.

Our concepts integrated key Tiger brand properties in furniture, fixtures, fittings and lighting design.

One of the signature elements of the project was the creation of the Tiger Wall. Carrying no branding, the wall art was installed into public spaces, events, bars and entertainment venues to give Tiger an ambient branding platform. This was an important strategy for 'dark markets' where alchohol marketing was banned. It also provided flexibility to deliver a unique Tiger cultural experience and presence in situations where traditional advertising or signage was inappropriate or uncool.

One of the signature elements of the project was the creation of the Tiger Wall. 

Beyond unique Tiger brand environments, we also created the strategy and high concept for Tiger’s global brand experience platform, Tiger Translate. Tiger Translate was a global music program where Tiger hosted jam sessions with emerging Asian and Western artists in world cities. Linked to this we created ‘Tiger Live’, a live event platform delivered at Tiger’s Brand Experience Centre in Singapore. It too featured live music fusion sessions with local and global artists.

Tiger hosted jam sessions with emerging Asian and Western artists in world cities.