An Agency for Artistry

If artistry, entertainment and co-creating are becoming such significant areas of our industry, what does it mean for our agency models? John Ford examines how agencies need to structure for artistry.

Thinking — 11 Feb 2015

AdNews picks The One Centre's film Miracle Twins as Top 10 Ad of year

AdNews has named a short film created by The One Centre for GE, 'Miracle Twins' as one of the best Australian ads of 2014.

AdNews Media Coverage — 15 Jan 2015

The Lego Movie tops Branded Arts Review’s Best of 2014 list

The Lego Movie has been named the best Branded Arts and Entertainment project from 2014, in The One Centre's online publication Branded Arts Review’s annual round-up.

View Media Release Media Release — 10 Jan 2015