22 Jun 2012

Toni & Guy get Blogged & Bound

Toni & Guy have turned to the fashion blogging community to help promote the brand and its philosophy 'Hair Meet Wardrobe’ with a visually striking transmedia campaign. 

The brand has created a content platform around the Hair Meet Wardrobe philosophy, which aims to champion self-expression and exploit the link between hair and fashion. Toni & Guy have enlisted 20 influential Australian fashion bloggers and invited them to share their own interpretations of the brand's philosophy. 

The result is a published book, Blogged & Bound, which features a collection of striking images of the bloggers along with interviews and thoughts from the bloggers. The bloggers have been preened to the max by Toni & Guy stylists with the brand's latest product range and you can tell, these glossy, colour drenched images feature the shiniest hair you'll have seen since you last laid eyes on a hair product commercial. 

The book, which is available in print and online, features QR codes which enable readers to click through to the series of online films hosted on a dedicated YouTube channel. There's also a dedicated website and links to the online book.

The campaign is "a tribute to the new faces of fashion emerging from the blogosphere, celebrating the fusion of hair and wardrobe and the crucial role this plays in creating individual style."

  • Verdict 

This campaign reveals the evolution of the product campaign, for too long we've seen the same shiny, glossy images of bright coloured hair. In this way, this campaign and its engaging content is a fabulous step forward and one which is guaranteed to engage the target market – this is evident in the video views.

Tony & Guy are clearly seeking to position 'hair' as an important accessory to a fashion look, changing behaviour from getting your hair done once every couple of months, to as often as you change your outfit. They've gone straight to the new influencers of behaviour, fashion bloggers to spread this thought. And they draw credibility from the influence these people now wield, especially with people who are into fashion, change their wardrobe regularly, and potentially change their hairstyles frequently.

However, there's nothing revolutionary about the idea of a brand using bloggers. In the words of one of the bloggers Jasmin Howell, “It isn’t new for bloggers to collaborate with brands but the creativity and individualism of each shot and each video captured in the Toni & Guy Blogged & Bound project has taken things to another level. From the start of the project the focus wasn’t on endorsement, it was on each individual blogger and their influences. I think the book and videos capture this perfectly.”

I tend to agree with Howell to some extent, Toni & Guy have created a great resource and strong content platform. The strategy to engage the fashion industry by replicating glossy fashion shoots is smart. The content is interesting enough and there’s enough to keep people engaging with the platform. I can't help but wish there was more depth and more to explore. This feels like a nice campaign but once it’s finished there’s no reason to continue engaging with the content, which feels like a lost opportunity. 

This is a smart strategy from Toni & Guy, the fashion savvy of the bloggers will add kudos to the brand and by creating something so glossy and consumable it will be certain to gain strong awareness among fashion 'luvies'. If they can keep their audience engaged this could become an excellent platform for the brand.

  • Review

A smart strategy and solid execution of this idea. I'd like to see Toni & Guy build on this campaign, maintain the engagement and create a content platform.

I give it 3 stars. 

  • Brand: Toni & Guy
  • Creative Company: JWT




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