14 Oct 2015

Tesla stars in stunning brand film created by fans

Tesla’s electric car stars in this stunning GCI commercial for the brand, the catch is that the brand didn’t make it.

Director Sam O’Hare created the online film promoting Tesla, just because he wanted to.

Fireflies, is a beautiful piece of film, which features an abandoned service station coming to life as fireflies muster and merge into a Tesla car.

O’Hare told Fast Company that his aim was to create a GCI film in a bid to showcase the talent of production company Parachute and he choose Tesla because he’s a fan of the brand and its founder Elon Musk.

"I'm interested in electric vehicles and the future of transportation, and Tesla are at the forefront of that," says O'Hare. "I really admire how Elon Musk wants to change the world for the better, and took on the enormous task of developing an amazing electric vehicle, only to share the patents and encourage others to follow his lead. It's a philosophy you don't find very often. From SpaceX to the Hyperloop, it feels like he's actively creating the future."

The film is a beautiful representation of the brand and its natural energy ethos as well as a completely unconventional approach, perfectly befitting the unconventional brand.

From the design qualities to the innovative technology and brand experience, Tesla sells dreams, magic and the future - all of which is evident in the Fireflies film.

Tesla is notorious for not advertising its products, which probably explains why this isn’t the first time that filmmakers have created an ad for the advertising-shy brand. 

Last year Everdream Pictures, a US production company started by two recent graduates, created an ad for Tesla’s Model S vehicle. The ad, called Modern Spaceship went viral attracting huge attention, particularly from Elon Musk who tweeted that he loved the ad.

Obviously the attention is great for the filmmakers and it helps to boost the brand’s awareness, not that Tesla needs it. 

Tesla has emerged from nowhere to become the third-biggest luxury car in the US, behind the Mercedes E Class and the BMW 5 Series.

Analysts praise the brand, its products and its impact on the market. Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas was quoted in Forbes: “We believe we are witnessing the most disruptive intersection of manufacturing, innovation and capital experienced by the auto industry in more than a century. Tesla may be in position to disrupt industries well beyond the realm of traditional auto manufacturing. It’s not just cars.”

Tesla is not the first brand to shun advertising, Apple were once notorious for it, and it is a superb strategy to ensure your fans do the talking for you.

As social media and online communities explode talking about the brand, its products, and the brand experience, Telsa stays silent, only adding to the appeal.

In an age of creation and face with a world full of artists and creators it was only a matter of time before fans of the brand turned their hand at creating advertising for Tesla.

Tesla is seen as much more than a car brand, it is a disruptor and along with founder Musk, it is a revolution. Musk is a man on a mission to change the world, not just with electric cars but also his SpaceX program, his Hyperloop, he has a vision for the future and that is brought to life in every aspect of the brand.

From the design qualities to the innovative technology, from the brand experience to the environmentally sound products, Tesla sells dreams, magic and the future, all of which is evident in the Fireflies film.

We talk a lot about getting audiences to engage with brands and to seek out and view their content. This takes it to a new level.

Forget user-generated content, this is brand love in the most beautiful sense. Sure there are commercial motivations, namely showcasing talent and a bit of a hail mary to attract Tesla as a client, but this is a great example of a brand that has busted out of the box and created genuine connections with people.

Tesla may not have created the film, but its brand and its strategy directly contributed to its creation.

This is a stunning piece of film and a tribute to the power of strong branding and brand purpose to engage inspire and connect with people. 



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