25 May 2012

Sony Mobile Unleashes Imagination

Sony Mobile turned to Hollywood storyteller Wes Anderson to create some magic and drive global awareness for the brand's launch into the highy competitive smartphone market. 

Anderson directed the TVC which formed the centrepiece of the brand's global ‘Made in Imagination’ campaign. The campaign was designed to create awareness of Sony’s move into smartphones (sans Ericsson) and to flex Sony Mobile’s entertainment muscle.  

Using stop motion animation techniques, Anderson took inspiration from children's imaginations and brought their ideas to life in the TVC. Anderson worked with a team of animators, set designers  and puppeters to create the TVC, with music by Jonsi from Sigur Ros and photography from Carl Kleiner, who captured the images for the campaign. The campaign platform incorporated TV, print, digital, outdoor and point of sale, creating a huge amount of hype and awareness globally.  

Sony backed it up with the Xperia Studio, an online content platform, which works with collaborators around the world to “remake reality by pushing the limits of mobile technology.” 

The Xperia Studios feature a host of films, which show off the phones functionality. A stand out film is one which brings the app Reckless Racing game to life by combining a remote control car developer, the original app developer and a gaming journalist together to play the game in ‘real life’ all enabled via a Sony Xperia phone.  

Steve Walker, chief marketing officer at Sony Mobile Communications said, “Xperia smartphones are a cornerstone of Sony’s entertainment experience and we wanted to create a campaign that is true to Sony, one that is unique, memorable and sparks consumers’ curiosity and imagination. The Made of Imagination campaign demonstrates that Xperia smartphones are made of more than microprocessors and memory chips – they are designed to let consumers use their creativity and imagination to drive connected experiences that interest and excite them.”

  1. Verdict

What better way to promote the entertainment functions of a smartphone than by enlisting one of Hollywood’s best storytellers? Throw in Sony’s heritage as a partner and co-creator of entertainment content, then add in a platform which brings the messaging to life and you have a nice starting point to grow from.

If the strategy was create awareness then Wes Anderson's film has done a great job, now the key for Sony Mobile is to build on this awareness with a solid strategy and a host of entertainment and content.  

Sony Mobile seem to have taken the Sony brand's expertise promoting other product ranges and applied it to smartphones. The strategy of linking the phones to content and content creation is not a new idea but for Sony it is an authentic message. Unlike Nokia, Samsung or Ericsson, Sony have genuine entertainment credentials and like Apple, they can spruik their story without appearing contrived.

The challenge for Sony is telling this story to a younger generation to whom the brand is less recognisable and less relevant. Sony has launched a good platform for creating entertainment but the challenge is to keep finding interesting, relevant and entertaining ways to keep building on this and grow the brand. 

  1. Review

Sony Mobile has made a good start with a lovely campaign and a solid platform. There is plenty of room to grow and make more of the Xperia Studio and create some engaging and entertaining work. 

I give it 3 stars.



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