30 Aug 2012

Nike creates immersive brand experience

Nike has merged architecture, design and interactive installations to create an immersive fan experience with Camp Victory. 

Nike Camp Victory is a temporary exhibition located on a sports field at the University of Oregon in the United States. Eight months in the making, Camp Victory launched for the 10 days of US Olympic Track & Field trials. 

Camp Victory was an interactive and immersive experience, that brought the running experience to life across a range of interactive experiences. Pimped out with digital sensors, screens, projections, installations the experience showcased the trials, the athletes and their performances while giving the public the opportunity to race head to head via a virtual running competition. 

The experience also showcased new Nike products upcoming product lines and generally illustrated Nike's shifting focus to owning the entire athletic experience for both the amateur and the professional, from the clothing and shoes to training and tracking your performance. Features included a 15-foot-tall LED wall that depicted the fastest runs completed in the Olympic trials, treadmills which allowed runners to compete virtually against the athletes, leader boards and Nike+ heat maps, which shared 3D maps of local running tracks. There's also a footwear innovation area - or as most people would call it - a shop.

Nike spokesman Rodney Knox said the experience was a step up from the company's previous fan experiences. “This is an enhancement for the overall fan experience.  It’s also a platform for us to show our Olympic innovations.”

  • Review

Nike is winning medals with Camp Victory, the architecture and design are cutting edge, the interactive experience and the immersion of the product and the brand vision at the centre of everything is expertly done. But really would you expect anything less from Nike? 

Strategically it's superb. With Adidas holding fast to its Olympic sponsorship, Nike continues to go above and beyond with its marketing activity to ensure its brand embodies all that is running. While it may not have shelled out the same amount of dollars as Adidas, Nike's commitment to the US Trials is anything but small. 

Camp Victory is an impressive beast and it's clear that The US Trials were Nike's Olympics to some degree. The strategy here was to get its products on the athletes and have them really bring home the message that Nike is the brand worn by athletes. Nike is running, it is track & field and this is reinforced every time someone is seen competing in Nike trainers or clothing. In years gone by the sponsor's message could have ended here. But the interactive experience of Camp Victory takes the message so much deeper. It showcases Nike+ and gives 'normal' people the chance to race the country's best athletes. It demonstrates how close greatness is, and provides tangible access to begin your own journey via Nike products. Nike is your trainer and your trainers.

Immersing people in an experience of speed, power and determination is a powerful message at the best of times and it's beneficial if they take this inspiration and motivation away with them, especially if they leave via the shop - or the footwear innovation area.  It's not rocket science, it's smart. 

The most impressive element of Camp Victory is that it is only one element of the greater Nike story. This is a brand that has storytelling stitched so tightly into its entire brand DNA that you cannot distinguish the beginning or end. Camp Victory is part of Nike's new vision, that the brand is more than shoes and clothes, it's a way of life, of running and of competing. The fusion of technology into its products and the marriage of the inspiration of greatness with the ease of entry with Nike products and Nike+ are central to Nike's brand vision and its success. 

  • Verdict

As transmedia ideas go Camp Victory is an interesting one. The combination of architecture, design and interactive installations create a powerful brand story experience which can be relived everytime you put on a pair of Nike trainers.

  • I give it 4 stars. 
  • Brand: Nike
  • Creative Company: Skylab Architecture 




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Coguratnlations, John. No small achievement! I’ve been following your blog for only a month or so, and have gone back into the archived posts. That’s how good & extremely useful your work is. Here’s to you reaching the 1 million reader milestone!

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Wow I must confess you make some very trhacennt points.

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