10 Oct 2013

Mercedes films reveal sensations shaping car

Mercedes-Benz France has launched an interactive online film ‘Sensations’, which features characters shaping and transforming a huge black column into a model of the car. 

The film centres on Le Monolith, a black column (it’s a little reminescent of ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’) and we see a collection of characters from US Footballers, skateboarders, dancers, polo players, horses and even a wild stag, create an impression on the mass which begins to morph into a Mercedes Benz. 

The film appears as a 90 second YouTube film, which contains hidden films revealing more content including behind-the-scenes footage of how the ad was created. 

There is also a directors cut version at just under 15 minutes long featuring commentary from the director (although this is only useful if you can speak French) along with shots from different angles and insights into the scenes.

The film is beautifully shot and shows the forces at work to shape the car. Accompanied by a kicking track Boys Noize - XTC (The Chemical Brothers remix). 

‘Sensations’ introduces the new GLA Concept car, Mercedes-Benz’s take on the small SUV, which debuted earlier this year. 

The energetic film aims to establish the new model as sporty while reinforcing the Mercedes design qualities. 

Mercedes vice-president of sales and marketing, Joachim Schmidt, said of the new model: “The Concept GLA marks a new approach for us in the compact SUV segment. This is a sporty and more coupe-like evolution of this category of vehicle. “It combines its sporting spirit with the all-round qualities of a tough, leisure-time companion. “It also makes clear the further potential of our compact vehicle architecture. 


Expression, passion, energy: these are not the first words that would usually spring to mind after watching a Mercedes-Benz film. Yet with ‘Sensations’ Mercedes-Benz France has taken the brand into exciting new territories.

Forget the beautiful car ads featuring a classic merc slowly gliding through a picturesque European street. Mercedes is blowing that image out of the water with this film to promote its newest model. 

Featuring American Football players, polo players and their horses, tango dancers, a skateboarder, a boxer, a BMX rider, a breakdancer, a stag, fire, water, earth and the new GLA concept car. 

This is Mercedes-Benz play to take on the Range Rover Evoque, BMW X1 and Audi Q3 – it’s fair to say that Mercedes means business. This is a big play from the luxury car marque. 

The strategy is to showcase the fusion that this model brings and its mixture of luxury design elements with the sporty and energetic SUV. 

It’s easy to see how the film experience of ‘Sensations’ was created. The film mixes the sporty qualities of the car (the boxer, footballers, polo players) with the edgy structural elements (skateboaders, BMX, breakdancer) while mainting the artistic and design aesthetics you expect from Mercedes (tango dancers, passionate couple, fire, water). 

The car design is sculptural, and so the film imagines the way that Mercedes-Benz is sculpted and the result is a dramatic and powerful film. 

There’s a wonderful element that sees the mixing of the strength of the design and the vehicle and this sense of the sculpturing.

The film is energentic, edgy, passionate, it is brimming with movement, expression and the elements. 

The pace is fast and we get a little bit of everything. At times it is raw and potent, others it is stark and beautiful, passionate and sexy and the mix of nature and the elements is a great touch. 

The special effects are superb, so too the music choice. This is a great piece of theatre – in fact it’s a lovely piece of art. 

What grabs me about this piece of work is that on one level it could just have been an amazing TVC. Full credit to Mercedes-Benz for taking it further and created a film experience. 

This is a superb collection of films and stories really add an artistic and creative element to the work, taking it beyond an ad and ensuring the viewer has more to engage with. The films are entertaining and transporting, taking you into this intriguing world where your sensations can shape a car. 

What I find most interesting is the restrain in this film. It is cool and edgy but in a very classic and refined way.  It might be showing you aggressive footballers, frenetic polo players, skateboarders and breakdancers, yet it is all in a very artistic, classic and delicate way. 

This is not Mercedes-Benz France using breakdancers to get down with the kids, this is the brand showcasing the artistic, structural elements of breakdancing. It’s like watching the must luxurious breakdancing you’ll ever see. 

I’m a big fan of this film, I’ve watched it many times now and each time I enjoy a different element and story. This really is a big achievement for the brand. Not many brands could pull of such an ambitious film project with such authenticity and such a strong sense of brand. 

Paradoxically though watching the 90-second version blind, you’d probably never guess it was Mercedes-Benz. To me this adds to the magic of the film. 

The fashion world at the moment is loving the sporty luxe look  - it is sports wear a sleek, sexy and cool sports wear trend, basically it is sports gear in an expensive and luxurious way. To my mind this film is Sporty Luxe. 

I think Mercedes have created a wonderful collection of films which create a perfect mix of luxury and sporty in an entertaining film. 

So would it make me consider a Mercedes-Benz? Well no, they are clearly too luxurious for me, I mean did you see those films?


Mercedes-Benz France have masterfully mixed sporty and luxury to create a collection of entertaining and artistic films. 

  • I give it 3 stars. 
  • Brand: Mercedes-Benz France
  • Creative companies: CLM BBDO / Proximity Paris, Wanda Productions, Cokau Lab, Mikros Image, Gang Digital. 



Jeremy Garling

16 Sep 2014

A great piece of art, from the 'Space Odyssey' start to the ultra modern finish...a real delight. I didn't think it would become a SUV at the end...which shows the true genius of the piece.

Thanks Danielle.

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