28 Oct 2015

Bonds takes ballsy approach to branded entertainment

Clothing brand Bonds has taken a ballsy approach to branded entertainment with a series of short films about the family jewels. 

The humorous and entertaining films feature ‘the boys’ chatting about life down below and the relationship between the balls and the brain.

The film portrays the balls dealing with temperature changes, sudden impacts, mobile phones and random itches. The balls also compare the experience of holey underwear versus a comfy pair of Bonds briefs.

The aim is to get men thinking, and talking, about undies, ideally Bonds underwear.

According to Bonds, the average Aussie male doesn't think about underwear very often and they certainly don’t talk about it.

“Instead, they happily wear jocks that are old, ill-fitting and riddled with holes, only buying a new pair when they absolutely have to.”

In a bid to get these men talking and thinking about their pants, Bonds decided to “make the conversation about something closer to men's hearts: their balls.” 

All jokes aside this is a superb strategy from Bonds and an entertaining execution that is guaranteed to appeal to the target audience.

It’s also super smart. Men’s underwear is a low involvement category and no amount of advertising featuring chiselled bodies in snug fitting briefs can change that.

By “hitting men in the proverbials” Bonds hopes to engage and entertain men in a bid to get the brand top of mind next time they are in the shops.

The simplicity of the strategy is brilliant. It’s not about the underwear, it’s about looking after your assets.

As Simon Lamplough, group managing director at Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, the agency behind the films, said: "Men's testicles have to put up with a lot in life. Heat, cold and (shudder) impact all affect them. The least men can do is keep The Boys comfy in a nice new pair of Bonds undies."

Ever since Calvin Klein's launched into the market in the 90s, men's underwear marketing has followed a similar formula: black and white print ads featuring toned men's bodies in snug fitting underpants. Gone were the cheeky ads of the 80s and early 90s such as the Holeproof Underdaks commercials featuring the iconic the catchy “one day you’re gonna get caught with your pants down”. 

This is also a significant change of direction for Bonds - Gone are the female-focused ads featuring Pat Rafter in his tidy white pants, this is an ad for the boys – literally. This is a new more irreverent positioning for the brand and it's certain to appeal to the target audience. 

Bonds has kicked a big goal with these films and it's certain to be successful for the brand. It is rare to see brands pull off funny and entertaining content, but Bonds has achieved both, these films are very watchable.

This is branded entertainment at its best, simple, targeted and entertaining. Great work. 




17 Feb 2017

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