20 Jul 2015

Always launches new Unstoppable movement for #LikeAGirl

72% of girls feel that society limits them – especially during puberty, feminine brand Always is on a mission to change this, with the latest phase of its inspiring - and award-winning - #LikeAGirl campaign.

Procter & Gamble’s Always brand has ramped up its global messaging with the ‘Unstoppable’ campaign, which aims to empower young women to push through the barriers.

Make no mistake, this is no longer just an online and social campaign aimed to create a movement, the ‘Always #Like A Girl Unstoppable’ program is a fully fledged platform, designed to reach young women around the world.

Not content with the more than 85 million views of its #LikeAGirl film, Always has kicked the movement up a gear, hosting a Confidence Summit and announcing a raft of new initiatives and content to take its messaging to the next level.  

The Always #Like A Girl Confidence Summit featured a keynote presentation by British actress, Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) who delivered an impassioned call to arms for young women: “It’s time for society to stop telling girls what they should and shouldn’t do. And instead, through the quietest whispers and the loudest megaphones, tell them that they are unstoppable.”

Among the initiatives launched at the event was: The Always Global Confidence Teaching Curriculum, which is being co-developed by Always with education thought-leaders and experts to draw from the latest research on confidence building. Always says the program will reach up to 20 million girls in 65 countries per year.

Always has also launched a first-of-its-kind content partnership with not-for-profit organization TED to develop and spread ‘confidence-inspiring content’ through TED’s Educational arm, TED-Ed, a platform devoted to spreading lessons worth sharing.

There is also a documentary made by the world’s youngest documentary filmmaker Zuriel Oduwole. Zuriel is an ambassador for the ‘Always #LikeAGirl Unstoppable’ program and the founder of the Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up project, which advocates for girls’ education across the world.

A new ‘Unstoppable’ film, which is again directed by documentarian Lauren Greenfield. The film features girls and young women talking about the limitations and barriers they experience and once again Always is inviting young girls to share their Unstoppable messages and to get involved with the movement. The film lacks the heavy punch of the original but continues to build on the brand message well. 

The brand also shared the latest findings from their ongoing research which found that 53% of young women aged 16 – 24 feel they lack confidence after puberty, 89% feel pressure to conform to societies norms. It also revealed girls are twice as likely as boys to say they did feel comfortable doing an activity because of their gender.

Fama Francisco, Vice President, Global Feminine Care at Procter & Gamble, said, “You would expect that girls believe things will get better but, in fact, our latest research shows that one in two girls think that in 10 years there will be the same or even more limitations for young girls. This surprising statistic is a wake-up call for all of us to encourage girls to smash any limitations that hold them back and empower them to be unstoppable.”

The strategy is to take the brand’s message to a global audience and to empower and inspire young women to be more confident… and to ensure the brand is with them on their journey.

This message of confidence is nothing new to feminine brands, this is the message they have been pushing in advertising for decades. The difference here is that it feels like someone finally looked beyond the clichés and actually spoke to young women about puberty and periods and found a meaningful way to position the confidence message.

This movement works because it perfectly combines brand purpose with a commercial purpose and the nature of the brand and product means it can deliver this message without a high level of scrutiny by consumers. Always is in a unique position, as a product that most women use but rarely talk about, starting a legitimate conversation with women was always going to be the biggest hurdle. 

After the phenomenal success of #LikeAGirl, Always has moved quickly to capitalize on this momentum and to create a global program and ensure the brand is front of mind and aligned to positive messaging about confidence and potential. 

By aligning to curriculum programs, and through partnerships and initiatives with the likes of TED, Save The Children and the UN, Always is playing in very new territory and this is helping to elevate the brand in consumers minds. This movement has gone beyond the brand's products and it will be interesting to see the impact this has on the brand in the future.

Always says the curriculum has the potential to reach 20 million girls worldwide while the content partnership is also a brilliant strategy to expose the brand to huge audiences around the world. The challenge is to maintain the messages of empowerment and authenticity without pushing the brand and products too hard.

Like A Girl’s message was so universal it struck a chord and really connected with audiences, the challenge for the brand is to balance that authenticity with an ongoing movement without falling into clichés.  I'm a huge fan of this platform and cannot wait to see how Unstoppable it proves to be for the brand. 



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