14 Sep 2012

Adidas targets creative athletes with All Originals

Adidas has launched a global transmedia brand platform "All Originals Represent" which aims to showcase the creative spirit and passions of people around the world through a series of events and a stream of content. 

The brand has launched a major global advertising campaign incorporating television, cinema, digital, retail and print advertising to promote adidas sub brand Originals and showcase the fashion elements of the iconic streetwear brand. 

The advertising also promotes the new global platform, "All Originals Represent", which will see the brand host a series of events around the world throughout the next year, and sets up the content offering by inviting consumers to 'represent what they are all about, as individuals and as part of a bigger whole – their crew'. 

The campaign launched with an online film, which was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Melina Matsoukas and featured a song by pop star Nicki Minaj. The film features a host of Adidas brand ambassadors including Nicki, hip hop artist Big Sean, Korean pop phenomenon 2NE1, the NBA Player Derrick Rose, and fashion wild child Jeremy Scott and focuses on how people represent themselves on the street. 

Consumers will be invited to 'represent their crew' and can submit content and take part in challenges to become the most original crew worldwide. All content created will be shared online and the public will get to vote on the best crew in their country.  

Hermann Deininger, CMO of Adidas, said: “This generation is always looking for a chance to go all in to their own beat; an opportunity to show the world their passions and their talents. This campaign builds on the desire for self-expression, and we are enabling our consumers to share with us and the world their creativity, and what originality means to them." 

  • Review 

Adidas has created a very smart strategy with "All Originals Represent". It's called on its 'always on' target market of young people to get involved and show their peers what they are made of. Targeting squarely at the youth market which is captivated by itself, Adidas has created an inclusive platform encouraging them to show off or represent what they do best. It's smart and savvy and quite an evolution of the Adidas Originals brand. 

The creation of the global events platform is a new bold move for the brand but it's a smart one. While Nike focuses on elite athletes and the place where Training meets Technology and Puma celebrates the after hours athlete, Adidas is going for the cool young things, the creative athletes: the artists, musicians, dancers, fashionistas, the generation who are embracing the art of creative expression.

Adidas is looking to be the clothing brand for creative expression, the brand worn by those who are original and who represent. This is the sort of territory that many brands would love to own, but it's a precarious strategy and not many brands have the authenticity to pull it off. Adidas does. The brand has a legacy of cool, street-style embedded in its DNA which stretches back to the 70s and its shoes - particularly the Superstar - are among the most loved iconic shoes of all time.

Thanks to its shoes and clothing being worn by musicians and artists such as Run DMC and the Beastie Boys, the brand has genuine street cred. So it is acceptable that Adidas is positioning the Originals brand as the brand which supports creative expression and is the clothing/ footwear of choice for passionate creative people. The advertising, film and online platforms are full of bright young thing expressing their passions, colour, and creative energy through their Adidas gear. 

Adidas Originals is not about sportswear anymore, this is the brand of creative expression and this brand is 100% streetwear. With this platform the brand is bolding asking its target market to show the world how they express themselves. 

It makes perfect sense for Adidas to bring this positioning to life with online films, events and an entire platform of content created for young, savvy creative types to consume. The most successful element is the events - art exhibitions, fashion shows and music gigs - and these are reliant on word of mouth through the target market as well as highly targeted advertising - in some markets Adidas has relied only on MTV to get its messages out there. 

This campaign is unashamedly talking to youth. Where once Adidas spoke to a broader market, it is now 100% targeted at its 18 - 34 year old market. This is backed up in the way the brand is going to market leaning heavily on digital channels with the online film and the online challenges and events. It is somewhat surprising that it hasn't tapped into the mobile space via an app or dedicated content platform, however this may be more to do with the global nature of the campaign. 

  • Verdict

An engaging transmedia campaign, that speaks with genuine authenticity to its target market. 

  • I give it 4 stars. 
  • Brand: Adidas
  • Creative Company: Sid Lee




16 Sep 2014

Adidas is the best and i have had the best experience with the brand

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