Welcome to The One Centre
A multidisciplinary brand agency
uniting visionary strategic thinking
with cutting-edge creativity.


Strategy + Artistry

About us

It all begins at one.

For two decades we've helped world leading brands break new ground in the way they come to life and connect. Specialising in positioning and total branding, our unique structure unites a core team of strategists and concept creators with a global network of specialist creative artists. The goal? To create truly innovative ideas which transcend media and elevate brands into the world of arts, culture and entertainment.

What we believe

Do something incredible.

We live in a creative economy. Brands compete with all forms of culture, entertainment and worldviews for audience time and affection.

To succeed in this environment brands need to embody big ideas in their positioning, not just execution.

Brands need to create powerful central ideas that inspire, engage and motivate people, linking their commercial opportunity to a consumer cause and culture.

Brands need to bring these ideas to life innovatively in everything they do, across every touchpoint, with multiple, integrated and surprising expressions.

Ultimately people seek significance and emotional connection.

Brands that stand for something bigger, and bring this to life in incredible ways, light up the world. They become powerful cultural symbols and commercial forces.

We give brands powerful positioning ideas and elevate them into the world of arts, culture and entertainment.

What we do

Positioning and total branding.

We develop brand positioning and bring it to life innovatively through all types of brand building activity.

Our ideas transcend media, often involving multiple types of branding activity, and expressing and integrating across multiple brand touchpoints.

  • 01Brand Identity
  • 02Brand Advertising
  • 03Branded Content
  • 04Branded Environments
  • 05Brand Experiences
  • 06Branded Products
  • 07Brand Platforms

How we work

Strategy + Artistry

To create truly innovative ideas we developed a uniquely flexible structure.

The One Centre model unites a core team of strategists and concept creators with a global network of specialist creative artists from beyond the world of conventional marketing.

Generating the strategy and big idea, we design and direct a unique creative team to deliver each project, united under the umbrella of our leading multidisciplinary management expertise.

Nine genres. One centre.

The One Centre's creative artists network features independent creative and production specialists from nine genres:

  • 01Art & Design
  • 02Digital Arts & Technology
  • 03Literary Arts for Screen & Print
  • 04Performing Arts
  • 05Film, Video & Photography
  • 06Architecture & Interior Design
  • 07Industrial Design
  • 08Music
  • 09Fashion

Where we work


Based in Sydney, we work worldwide on local and global brand initiatives.

Our experience spans most industries. Our platforms are designed to scale and translate across countries and cultures.

Our Vision

Centre for branding innovation.

Our vision is to create one of the world’s great branding innovation companies.

A place brands come to invent the future.

In one centre, clients have one-stop access to a team of visionary strategic thinkers and a global network of specialist creative artists from every genre.    

Working anywhere, The One Centre provides leading brands an agile, artistically focussed alternative to the big branding conglomerates.

One high-calibre team purposed to bring brands to life with strategy and artistry: to do something incredible.